I know that you have been having trouble with the IRS, and I’m thinking that you might find the help you need at the Taxpayer Advocate Service (TAS).

TAS is an independent office within the IRS, established by statute to be the voice of taxpayers to the IRS. In general, TAS accepts cases from taxpayers who are experiencing either an economic or a systemic burden, or both.

Your situation with the IRS appears to have a good possibility of falling into one or both of the burden categories and qualifying for help from TAS.

You have two basic ways to get TAS involved:

  • Fax IRS Form 911 to TAS as instructed on the Form
  • Contact your representative or senator

I can help you with either IRS Form 911 or contacting your representative or senator.

What can TAS do? If it accepts your case, TAS generally assigns a case advocate within two to three workdays. The case advocate works with you one-on-one, serving as an intermediary between you and the IRS employee or office responsible for your issue, so as to facilitate a resolution.

In select circumstances, TAS can do more than mediate. It can force the IRS to take an action.

Based on your situation with the IRS as it now stands, I think TAS is a resource that might help. I’m happy to discuss TAS in more detail and help in any way I can.