About the Tax Expert.

G. Michael Sitz, CPA/PFS, MT



You want to know about Mike?  We could go on and on about his credentials....he is a Certified Public Accountant; he has the Personal Financial Specialist credential; he has a Masters of Taxation from one of the top tax schools in the World; he has saved his clients more money than most small Countries make in a year.


The list can go on and on and sound like every other high profile tax guy out there...


But here is what is Real.  Mike worked his butt off just like you.  Nothing was handed to him.  He worked during the day and went to school at night while helping to raise a growing family.


He worked for a couple of really big accounting firms where he was just a number just like their clients.  After years of that, he was tired of being manipulated by management who were threatened by his skills so they sabotaged his job review and got him fired.


He went to another big firm but they decided to close that office location, so with a wife, 2 kids, a mortgage, a car payment, and a dog, he put it all on the line and opened up a tax firm with another person from the big firm.  He started from scratch.  Zero clients and zero revenue coming in.  He built it into a million dollar firm.


With so much time and effort on work and being stuck in a toxic partnership, Mike almost lost everything that was most important to him due to this negative environment.  We are not talking about the money, not the success, but his wife and now 4 children.  The reason why he worked so hard.  To create a better life and future for the ones he loved.


So then what happened?  One day Mike woke up.  He left the toxic partnership and resigned.  He started over.  Mike re-prioritized his life.  He is as happy as he has ever been and as a bonus even more successful than before.  Good things happen to good people.


So what is next for Mike?  Mike has a gift.  He is the mad scientist of taxes.  His goal like so many of you is to provide his knowledge and gift to the World.  But with only so many hours in the day and only so much room for clients, Mike decided to "bottle up" his tax secrets and help as many people as he can through Social Media.


So why should  you listen to Mike?  Because he not only knows taxes, he has lived through it.  He has been audited by the IRS.  He has had nothing and built businesses from scratch.  He has stared down the barrel of divorce.  He has been through partnerships and breakups.


He has guided clients through all aspects of business from the small company to $100 million corporations. Mike has helped clients through more IRS exams than he can remember and has yet to lose a battle.  Mike has stimulated the economy of every city and town he has lived in through his tax planning.


It's time for you to save.  It's time for you to learn.  It's time for Mike to help you.


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